Here at BLANK Artist-focused Skateboards & Clothing we try our best to limit our impact on our environment and although we only play a very small role in the global skateboarding industry we still need to cut down trees so that you can keep shredding!
Skateboard production is now the leading cause of deforestation in Canada, now well and truly overtaking the furniture and flooring industry. What most people (and many skaters) don’t realise is that the species of Canadian maple that is used for skateboard production takes 40 to 60 years to mature before they can be cut down and turned into decks. At the rate skateboard companies are claiming maple trees (and skateboarders are breaking boards!) it’s obvious that we need to start replacing what we’ve been taking to ensure we can all keep pushing. That’s why we are dedicated to replacing the tree’s we’ve taken.
We could simply fully convert to a much more eco-friendly alternative such as a bamboo but we’re too old-school for that and believe nothing feels more natural than the feeling of crisp maple popping under your feet!

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